Christmas shopping is well underway as the festive season fast approaches.

But with Covid lockdowns having changed our high streets forever - what are we missing out on this year?

Some shops are gone-for-good, others have moved online-only and it's our first Christmas without the likes of Debenhams.

So, we asked News Shopper readers what shops they will miss the most when buying for their loved ones this year.

And, from BHS to C&A stores, here are the most popular shops south east Londoners are pining for to make a high-street return this Christmas.

  • Woolworths

Wouldn't you love some Woolies pick'n'mix?!

  • British Home Stores (BHS)

A winner for the kids' clothes 

  • Debenhams

Still too raw

  • Toys R Us

You could always go to the stores in America...

  • Littlewoods

Online for the win!

  • Disney

Don't panic - it's still online!

  • C&A stores

It's been a hard 20 years

So, while other favourites such as Blockbuster Video and Dixons seem to not be too sorely missed by south east Londoners, its clear that all they want for Christmas isn't you - but instead a good old Woolworths store.

I mean, who doesn't miss those good old bargains and all the toys you could ever need in one place in Toys R Us?!

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