Ethical capitalism is a growing idea in the world of the market. From an increase in stakeholder focus, to more environmental approaches, it seems as if in the climate/covid focused world, we are finally learning to be kinder. One example is shown in a small trader based in Twickenham, London. Harry Symington Tucker, aged 16, runs The Sugar Boy, selling “meaningful sweets” to people. What makes these sweets so meaningful is the fact the Tucker proudly donates a large portion of his sales to a range of charities. An example of his product is his “Bright Spark” jar, consisting of foam bananas, banana jelly beans, and other treats. These are in partnership with Renewable World, an environmental charity. Tucker’s favourite jar is his “Your Loved” jar, with its heart iconographic sweets. Mr Tucker said “The ‘Campaign to End Loneliness’[The jars partner charity] helps old people find friends through creating communities in elderly homes, which was especially important because of lockdown…they still made the effort online.”. When asked about his inspiration, Mr Tucker said “My mother was a big inspiration to me when I first started out. She herself is an entrepreneur, having started businesses such as and Holly&Co, so when she encouraged me to start a business, we took the one thing I knew a lot about, sweets, and decided to create a story out of them.”. As Mr Tucker’s career continues to expand, Londoners await to see Sugar Boy products near them.