On Remembrance Sunday, a march was held in Twickenham to commemorate the lives lost in the World Wars and other conflicts that have come later. From dozens of veterans, to the Richmond Brass Band, many came to pay their respects.


Those involved in the Remembrance Sunday march walked from Twickenham highstreet, before ending in a service in Radnor Gardens. The march was led by the brass band, who provided their musical services whilst the march was taking place; as well as orchestrating the service that took place after. They were followed by a group of veterans who came to honour their fellow servicemen and women. Finally, were clubs local to Twickenham and their families, who were impressively sensible and respectful in representing their clubs.


Remembrance Sunday commemorates those who have lost and given their lives in both World War One and Two and conflicts that have followed. This special day allows us in our contemporary world to take some time to reflect on those who have died for us to be able to live the lives we are living today.


I was also personally at the march, specifically joining the 267 squadron of the RAF cadets. My brother is part of the cadets and this allowed me to join the march in support of the cadets, this also allowed me a chance to somewhat understand the work that goes into the march every year to ensure that the Remembrance service is as respectful and well put together as possible. Savir Sura, my brother, stated: “We practised for weeks beforehand on our marching, to make sure we were the best we could be for this special day.”


Finally, the aforementioned Remembrance service was a beautiful one held in Radnor Gardens. The Richmond Brass Band played wonderfully for the service, including the last post; there was also the laying of the wreaths and prayers by a priest.


Overall, the Twickenham Remembrance march is a time to remember those who have lost or given their lives in war, which takes place every year. The 2021 march was beautiful and the service held was sobering; I am grateful to have been even a small part of this event.