Being a Gumley doesn’t just mean being part of a supportive school network, it also means being involved in the local community. One way we do that here in Gumley House is by teaching the children of the local primary school.


Here at Gumley, we have a programme for the Year 10 girls, this is called the ‘Sports Leaders’, a rotational group of girls sent to teach the Year 2s of the Isleworth area. Every half term, a new group of girls get together and brainstorm warm ups for the children to do. The aim is to teach younger children basic sports skills before they progress to the upper years. Not only does this help the primary schools, it also creates connections amongst the Year 10s and Year 2s whom I’ve been told absolutely “adore the Gumley Girls”.


This program has been implemented in our school for more than eight years. The primary school decides what sport will be played on which day and then the P.E teachers at Gumley then discuss with the girls, they come up with a lesson plan which they then use for the children.


When I asked three different girls what they were all looking forward to in this rotation they all provided unique answers:


“I’m excited to be a part of the Sports Leaders, I hope to improve on my teamwork and leadership skills,” Edie Cummins-Whelan.


“I’m looking forward to meeting the kids, helping them develop their skills and just interacting with the younger generation in general.” Schnelle D’Silva.


“I can’t wait to do the Sports Leaders. I want to improve my leadership, communication and teamwork skills by doing this. I also want to get better at handling kids.” Merilyn Rodrigues.


When interviewed, Mrs Georgiou, said that the Sports Leaders is a great way for the Year 10s to have fun.


“The Sports Leaders have been around longer than I have been teaching in this school and I’ve worked here for eight years. It’s a really good way for the girls to give to the community and the activities they do are also enjoyable for the Year 2s. The children absolutely adore the girls, they can’t wait for their next lessons.” Mrs Georgiou.

Gumley has always had a variety of opportunities for the girls to become well rounded adults but this is one I am most excited to be a part of. I hope that this tradition continues for many more years to come for all the schools participating!!