Have you ever wanted to learn the drums and live near the area of Northwood well look no further! Come start learning the drums at Northwood drum lessons with Adam Trisk. He went to Leeds College of Music and studied Jazz there for 3 years. 

Adam Trisk really enjoyed playing instruments from a young age and he started playing the drums at age 13 after having learnt how to play the guitar himself. He then started going out to Jam nights and this was his first proper experience to meet other musicians and play as part of a group creating new friends and he became really passionate about drums and music. When he graduated and came back to London he wanted to share his love for drumming and teaching so he became a tacher where he could help students improve. He loved to see people make great progress and have an enjoyment for music.

What makes Northwood drum lessons so unique is that Adam Trisk has a lot of experience playing a lot of instruments such as the guitar and piano and he gives his students a better understanding of the roles of all the instruments and how they fit into the band. "Music is seen as just another language and understanding the way instruments speak means that you can understand and communicate with the other instruments better" He also provides useful advice to improve and progress in your drumming

Adam Trisk teaches age ranges from young children up to mature students from the beginning of his students musical journey up until grade 8 and he also teaches a wide range of musical styles and techniques and after studying jazz himself improvisation is one of his specialities too teach and to play

He also teaches at primary school's such at St Johns prep school and Vyners school and runs his own drum club which teaches people who have never played to give them the chance of playing drums and being part of an ensemble. He teaches lessons in person and online and all lessons are in person are regularly cleaned to stay clean

If you are not looking for lessons Adam Trisk can help with specific requests such as helping people for auditions and helping form musical videos

Book your drum lesson today using the Northwood Drum Lesson website https://www.northwooddrumlessons.com/