On the fourth of November, a standard Thursday, an anti-vaccine protest was taking place outside Orpington station during the early hours of the afternoon. This peaceful protest involved posters and slogans being shown to passing cars during rush hour, as well as leaflets being passed out to pedestrians. During the time of interview, people were witnessed both agreeing with the anti-vaccine protesters and some arguing against them. But what was actually happening in the protest? 

The point of the protest was to educate people of both points of view of the vaccine treatment. Facebook has confirmed in its blogpost that it will remove any claims that, in Facebook’s own words, say that ‘vaccines are not effective at preventing the disease they are meant to protect against, it’s safer to get the disease than to get the vaccine, vaccines are toxic, dangerous or cause autism.’ The protesters stated that ‘this censors you.’ However, the protest put strain on the idea that ‘both sides of the story should be heard.’ In reference to the education system, the protesters believed that vaccines are portrayed as ‘safe’ and ‘good.’ However, continuing with the point, the spokesperson reached the conclusion that ‘this is brainwashing, because you’re not being told the opposite side of the coin.’ Evidently, the point of the protest was to ensure both points of view were actually heard and acknowledged. So, what actually was their point of view? 

There was a clear reason for the anti-vaccine protests, and that’s because the vaccines were believed to be unsafe and dangerous. They informed other people about their own knowledge by letting them know why it is dangerous. 

‘It’s not a vaccine. It is actually, at the moment, an experimental drug. It’s got no licensing as a vaccine. It’s still in trial until 2023. They’re not telling you about all the people who have died and got seriously ill during the actual trial period before they released it as an experimental drug.’  

The anti-vaccinators want us to think before we act, as there are deaths despite to the vaccines. In spite of the fact that, since the vaccinations have come out, there are less Covid-19 deaths, there are still double-vaccinated people dying due to Covid-19. They said simply that, in reference to themselves, ‘we’re here to educate children.’ So, hopefully now, both sides of the story have been heard.