Many people often wonder about a certain phrase called ‘man's best friend’ and why the term is applied to describe the connection between humans and dogs. This expression is used to represent the strong bond as dogs are cheerful individuals who constantly bring a smile to their owners. Dogs and humans share a significant relationship where both can understand each other's emotions.


 Dogs are confirmed to adapt their understanding of humans and support them, which can improve a person's  mental health.They are beautiful creatures that understand and sympathize with what difficulty their owner is in. Dogs are comforting little creatures that would understand if their owner is in despair. They would recognise and understand if the owner is facing difficulty. Overall, dogs are considerate about their owners emotions, and desperately try to encourage them, with their adorable smiles and twinkling eyes. 


They are also ridiculously amusing animals that sometimes make careless mistakes, which can bring a smile to their owners. One example can be a dog trying to catch its own tail. It probably sounds silly -and it is. The sight of this fluffy hurricane uplifts the pleasant mood creating delightful memories which can be stored inside an owner's heart. These moments are certainly special and would be remembered forever from a young pup's heart. 


Dogs are also loyal pets which stand by their owners and guard them, no matter the situation, just like what a best friend would do. Not only can dogs be awesome therapists but they can be a guardian that would protect you and keep you secure. They are well known for sensing danger and are cautious in these situations. The amount of loyalty a dog possesses is special as they take care of their owner. 


Dogs are a big help to humans and their bond is difficult to break but easy to make. They seem to trust their lives in the hands of their owners which is why the bond is unbreakable. Man’s best friend is definitely an effective phrase for describing the relationship between dogs and humans. Their bond is simply unique from all the unforgettable moments, and this proves why they share a remarkable friendship.