Does it make a difference to have really strict parents who are worried about their child: what they are doing or when they will come home? Why do they worry so much, you might say?


It is because of the number of kidnappings, rapes, murders, stabbings and other crimes which are still happening; not only in this area but also around the world. Having the fear that something might happen to you while walking back home isn’t pleasant. Neither is knowing that these things are still happening.


Many young students, children and teens, get affected by the news that they hear. The news that they hear can strain them both mentally and physically, causing them to think about the news whenever they are out alone. When they do, it gets the parents' attention, which makes them think about whether or not to let their child go outside to do fun activities that their child loves to do. They stop you from doing the thing you love for your safety, which leads to your conclusion of thinking that they are merely controlling, but the real facts are never told because not everything is said to show the love that someone has for you and how much the person cares about you.


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Always be cautious in the situation you are in and be aware of your surroundings. If you feel unsafe about going home alone, have a friend to walk with you. This way if anything does happen you will have someone to ensure that you are safe

Is it just female or do men also have the fear of walking alone at night? 

A boy at my school has said that” Walking back home has always been easy for me, I had zero worry about going home by myself”.

A girl at my school said that ”I have always been scared to go home alone and because of the fear I started to go home with friends or I am on call with one of my parents”.