At the moment I am undergoing internal examinations at my school. Examinations are possibly the thing that stresses students out the most. In this article I will write about revision techniques I am using and how efective they are, and how to manage stress levels during these times.

For years now, the way I have revised, is by using 'revision pages.' these single sides of A4 have all the key facts and figures on for each topic. it is a great way of condensing large amounts of infomation into a small space, so you only revise the stuff you need! Lots of my freinds who also tend to get great results in the tests and exams they partake in, use revision flash cards. These small bits of card have a question on 1 side, and the answer and some key infomation on the reverse side. The upside of these, is that you can take them almost anywhere as they are so small.

Stress levels of all pupils will rise during exam periods. Question will eb thrown around that can make you worry about the littlest things in life. The best thing to do is relax, take a breath and say to your self if it is really worth worrying about. If you are worrying, another technique you can use, is mindfulness meditation. Even 10 minutes a day, possibly before bed, can help a lot.

So, if you are worrying or panicking about examinations, then just take a step back, take a breather, and talk to someone about your situation.