In celebration of five decades of music, Queen have opened a captivating  pop-up store on Carnaby Street.

It is dedicated to all things Queen and is located on Carnaby Street in London. The store is called Queen The Greatest and has two floors of merchandise in order to celebrate the band’s five decades in music. The shop opened on September 28 and the two floors cover multiple eras of the band. Some include the 70s tribute to Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor’s stall in Kensington market, their 80s tours and performances, a record store of the 90s.

Every month there will be a new theme of the shop with September and October being focused on music, November on art & design and December on the theme of magic.

It will be open until January 2022 and is open every day of the week.

There is a huge range of merchandise on sale in the shop ranging from captivating posters to hoodies and t-shirts to even coins engraved to celebrate the anniversary, there is something for everyone and prices are as low as £3.

It is a free experience, and is great for Queen lovers or those who would like to learn more about the legendary band . “I loved my time in the shop, it is a very aesthetic and interesting place to visit, I will definitely visit again!” said Emilia Albrycht who visited the shop in early October.

Overall, I truly recommend putting this shop on your bucket list and encourage visiting before it shuts in January as it is truly a great experience especially for Queen or music lovers or anyone who loves experiencing new places.