Reigate is known for its lush choice of shops and vast array of restaurants and, as of the 20th of October 2021, its high street has been graced with the opening of a brand new restaurant- Corzo Lounge .

The Lounge is just one of the many individually named restaurants belonging to the Loungers brand that boasts over 100 sites across the country. Since its first restaurant opened in Bristol of 2002, the restaurant chain has expanded exponentially across the UK. With its high street residence and menus for all hours of the day, Corzo is set to be a hit with Reigate’s food enthusiasts and spontaneous diners as booking is not required. Whilst the towns high street already offers a great deal of diversity amongst its wine and dine sector, the Lounge has brought a new element to the market with its intimate and welcoming interior.

Like a jewel hidden in the rocks, Corzo sits modestly exuding a gentle and warm glow, courtesy of its ceiling generously adorned with a miscellany of brightly coloured vintage lamp shades. Assistant manager of the Corzo Lounge Jasmine Leaney said “we want it to be like you are in your living room” and described how the interior took influence from Reigate through its paintings of butterflies and flowers.

The interior is not the only pleasantry diners are faced with as they have options for vegan and gluten-free dining across all available menus. Miss Leaney said “all of our staff are extensively allergen trained” and that the lounges “pride [themselves] on allergies”. In addition to their extensive inclusive options, Corzo is also dog friendly and welcomes families with young children by providing colouring activities to keep them entertained.

To add to its glowing repertoire, the Lounges have a charitable reputation as described in their community promise, in which they donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of selected items after a store opening to a charity of choice. With a flock of enthusiastic online reviews, Corzo seems to be making a promising impact among the Reigate community. Matthew Meyer, a student at a nearby sixth form college, described his experience dining at the lounge as “very atmospheric with welcoming staff and delightful food and drink”. This quote is testimony to the experience of Corzo Lounge in all its entirety and a sure reason as to why a visit is worth the while at 27-29 Highstreet, Reigate, RH2 9AA.