Over lockdown, many people missed going to gigs: the atmosphere, the live voice of favourite artists, and the crowd of other people to share the experience with. Because of COVID-19, all of this stopped as we were isolated in our own homes. Now, as coronavirus cases have been going down and restrictions have been eased, the music and entertainment industries have been opening up.


The American singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams performed at Omeara, London on 21st October and I was lucky enough to see her live. Her voice was incredible and she performed her beautiful heartfelt ballads to a crowd of just over 300 people, which made the gig feel really intimate and special.


As everyone arrived at the venue, we had to prove we were either fully vaccinated or had evidence of a negative lateral flow test. Apart from that, there were not many differences to a concert attended before the pandemic. During the performance, hardly anyone wore masks, and there was almost no social distancing - the show was sold out so the venue was full to the brim with people.


I spoke to Ella Martin, a 17-year-old from London, who attended this concert, about what she thought about the lack of restrictions: “personally, I decided to wear a mask at the gig, because I felt like it was important to protect the people around me, especially so soon after restrictions have been lifted. I would probably feel more safe if masks were made mandatory at concerts, but even so I had a great time.”


The happiness and togetherness experienced while seeing an artist live will never be matched and as the entertainment industry emerges from the shadow of COVID-19, it is exciting to find new artists who are playing live in London and around the world. Gracie Abrams has now headed back to the States to continue her tour.