In this article we interview a qualified Medical Doctor called Gaurav Talwar who after working for the NHS for 6 years had to leave due to this own medical health condition. He discusses his hardships and the obstacles he has had to face since leaving his profession. We explore the methods he has used to overcome these and hope to influence others to achieve what he has

Gaurav Talwar went to a government funded secondary school in the west of London to then go on to achieve his dream of going to Medical school at Kings College London to achieve not only a medical degree but a BSc in Neuropharmacology. He started his first doctor role at Kings College Hospital London at the age of 25. 

At the age of 31 he had to leave the profession due to be diagnosed with a rare auto immune condition called Psoriatic arthritis which debilitating to his physcial health and inhibited his work.

After searching for a suitable yet interesting career within the science field he realised he had a love for teaching and helping others to achieve their goals so became a Private tutor to science students from GSCE to A Level

Unfortunately after having settled within this position as a Tutor he yet again had to deal with ill health close to home with his son having severe allergies which meant many visits to hospital. This put a strain on his work life and his lessons had to reduce dramatically and he needed to find ways to cope with obtaining an income and yet be there for his family

Through meditative thought processes he thought to keep out the negativity within his life. Spending more quality time with his family and realising the importance of this over having an income. One strategy that he had employed is that he wrote down every morning all the things he was greatful for in his life such his wife and his son. He had also done charity work to help others Gaurav had given up his dream but realised soon that this was not the be all or end all