Press Café is a small chain of cafes which has now been introduced to Earlsfield in recent weeks.

Press Café offers a range of different treats to enjoy from their tasty coffees, pastries, cakes and delicious juices to their festive gift hampers and groceries. This new café has become another one of Earlsfield’s hotspots and attracts new customers every day. You can stop by for a quick visit Monday-Friday from 06:30-5pm to try some of their treats.

When I visited, I asked one of the customers what they thought about the new café and she said ‘ I thought it had a nice, clean layout, the staff were friendly and it had a cosy/homey feel to it.’ I asked her what else she liked about it and she replied ‘They had great service, the staff were very attentive’ and she would recommend it to her friends.’ I asked another customer what they thought about the café and they answered ‘They have decorated the café nicely so it feels light and airy and they have added a  small stack of books by the door so you can read whilst enjoying your coffee which I find very nice.’ Both customers would rate the cafe  ‘5/5 stars’ and would ‘definitely recommend to friends. a variety of drinks and food to enjoy.

When I visited, I could immediately understand why they were attracting so many customers each day. As soon as you step in, you are greeted by friendly staff who provide quick service and the décor makes you feel at home; cosy furniture and hot chocolate. What could be better!

This chain is growing in popularity by the minute and other branches should be in most areas very soon! Although, there are few branches in England, Press Café is gaining popularity and new customers every day as they provide a wide range of gifts and produce.