Sabina Nessa was attacked and killed during a five-minute walk to the pub, to meet her friend, as per police statement. 

Sabina Nessa, a 28-year-old teacher was on her way to The Depot bar in Kidbrooke Village from her home in south-east London.  She was walking to meet a friend at about 8:30pm on Friday 17th September 2021.  During her “five-minute” foot journey she was brutally attacked on the back of her head and killed by an Albanian man; Koci Salamaj (suspect), police believe.  The next morning, her body was found by a member of public in Cator Park.   

Det Insp Joe Garrity said: 

"Sabina's journey should have taken just over five minutes but she never made it to her destination.

"We know the community are rightly shocked by this murder - as are we - and we are using every resource available to us to find the individual responsible.”

Sabina’s parents were “absolutely shocked” and “inconsolable” upon hearing the shocking horrible, terrifying news about their beloved daughter.  Her cousins, Mr Ahmed described her as “the most caring person-kindest, sweetest girl you could meet”, she had a “beautiful soul” and “loves teaching, loves kids” and was an amazing person. 

In honour of Sabina Nessa, a vigil was held. There were also many memorials held across London also, to remember the tragic death of Sabina Nessa and to raise awareness about women safety and how to prevent such situations.  A handout was given out advising women on how to stay safe at night and general places.


Some of the advise stated was: 


. To be aware of your surrounding; avoid wearing a hood, listening to loud music on headphones, using phones.  These are all factors, which can reduce your awareness and distract you from your surroundings.  


. Keep valuable items out of site, such as phones and purses.  These can trigger the criminals, which may lead to dangerous situations


. Try to walk in crowded areas with good lighting, this would make it harder for the criminal to approach you 


. Always walk in the opposite direction; this means always face oncoming traffic, this would make it harder for them to rob you from behind


. Always avoid taking dangerous routes and trust your instincts, avoid walking at night in strange places such as parks and alleyways