Gardening fans- here is some thrilling news! A new shop called GetPotted has opened in Maida Vale offering an exciting new way to change up your gardening. The company GetPotted was previously an online shop but now, they have decided to try out the more traditional way of retail. Their game changing self- watering planters appeal to all sorts of people. It is an ingenious system with a water indication stick attached to the planter. The stick indicates how much water the plant has left, reminding you when to fill the planter up with water. Thus making sure that the plant doesn’t get too much or too little water as it only takes as much water as it needs. Moreover, if you love to travel, no need to bother your neighbors with watering your garden anymore! However, if the futuristic, urban approach to gardening doesn’t appeal to you, then the shop offers a diverse range of classical planters without the irrigation system, also offering soil and decor to make your garden like no other.  


Now, enjoy this exclusive interview with the shop manager - Jeyms Aguilera 

What kind of items do you sell?

“We sell self watering planters and classic fiber stone planters. Moreover a selection of house plants and festive decor.”

What makes the planters different?

“They have an inbuilt irrigation system. Some work with a wick- the most simple version. It is great for pre-potted plants and herbs and drip-feed water to the roots when they need them. Our classic system is when you plant a plant/herb directly into the planter and they use osmosis to transfer the water from the source to the roots. This means you only have to worry about watering the plants at least once every couple of weeks. The biggest planters can go with up to 12 weeks of no watering.”

What is your target audience? 

“Local residents who enjoy gardening and house plant lovers, most likely middle aged adults. However we also offer a range of interactive planters for kids to make gardening more interesting and exciting. The planters we sell are indoors and outdoors. It is like an all in one solution, they can fit in everywhere.”

 How is this job different from other retail jobs?

“It feels much more personal as we have conversations with customers getting to know what they want and advising them how to design their garden into something classic/futuristic without making it super complicated.”


Overall, the company's very affordable shop and website is perfect for aspiring gardeners, people with busy lives that still want to enjoy an urban jungle or people that want to make elegant, classic places to unwind.