Ted Lasso is a captivating, emotional and heartwarming Apple TV comedy that focuses down on our simple core values we forget to use in our chaotic everyday lives. 

Jason Sudeikis takes on the role of an American football coach and has fully embraced his character and always delivers an energetic and pure performance.The early story in season 1 follows Ted Lasso and his assistant coach, Coach Beard, who is played by Brendan Hunt as the pair are brought to England to coach the AFC football team.

Initally the pair are brought in by the manager, Rebecca, to run the AFC team into the ground. Agravated by her husband and their divorce she has a passion to destroy what he loved most which was the AFC team. However, instead Ted Lasso brought a new energy to the team and although he didn’t receive any respect at first it had little affect on him and he conitued to be himself. 

Now this is where we can all learn something from Ted Lasso no matter how many times he was shrugged off and disrespected it didn’t change his attitude and eventually the people around him changed and adapted their perspectives on him. Even Rebecca became taken with his constant motivated and optomistic outlook on life. If we all started to care a little bit less about how others see us and treat us maybe we would have a much happier world. The core value that is demonstrated here is that two wrongs don’t make a right. 

As well as Ted Lasso being highly recommended and receiving many prestigous awards such as the critics choice televison award for best actor and best supporting actress in comedy a series in 2021, I was encouraged to watch the show as most of the show is filmed in my local town and surrounding areas, Richmond and Twickeham.

I throughly enjoyed seeing my town portrayed in a tv show as it highlighted its beauty and really illuminated how much history there is in Richmond. One of the locations that came up a lot of Richmond green where in early season 1 a group of school children can be seen having a kick about they also are not a fan of the new coach Ted Lasso and are reluctant to even show him a simple smile. Many well decorated buildings surround the green such as the princes head which never fails to be well decorated and covered in delicate flowers. In the series this is around the corner from Ted Lassos’ flat and the pub itself is a local spot for fans to watch matches both in the show and real life it also becomes a common meeting spot for Coach Beard and Ted Lasso and the pair are often seen here reflecting.

Personally, I only watched due to the fact it was filmed local and had some of my favourite places in the show so I felt an attachment that quiet places in my small town had been recognised for their beauty. I’m mainly talking about the most glorious view I think I will ever set my eyes on. It over looks a delicate bend in the river thames and it is most perflectly situated at the bottom of a meadowy hill and enclosed in forests; it really is picture perfect. Richmond hill view is in the image as seen in Ted Lasso early on but truly it doesn’t do it justice. 

I’ve mentioned how I initally only found intrest in the local factor and I admit the first episode didn’t have me intrigued but I quickly grew to love the show. It represented core values that I hold close to my heart and simultaneously the story line deepened and began to make me want to watch more.

Now there are definitely some mature themes throughout Ted Lasso but I would still consider it a family watch just mabye not particularly young viewers. I watch Ted Lasso with my family and we feel there is something for everyone; my dad engages with the football content and takes interest in that. My mum, my sister and myself all enjoy the emotional connection and on going love stories. 

Finally I thought I’d sum up my article with another key message underlying throughout Ted Lasso. For those of you that are not yet fellow watchers one of his little idiosyncrasies is bringing Rebbeca a box of homemade shortcake which he has spent time making with his passion for baking. At first Rebbeca is not so grateful but as we progress through the series it becomes something she is reliant upon and only then does she realise that he will always be there for her. Small actions can have a huge impact and a little gesture of kindness goes a long way, even if people aren’t always able to show it, it doesn’t mean you don’t make their day.