It has been said that daydreaming has many factors benefiting a person's lifestyle, and also a drawback. Sometimes people daydream because of many things. Daydreaming can be seen to increase a person's creativity as they tend to imagine many things. When people daydream their brain seems to drift into different scenarios which are pleasant. 


Many people love daydreaming,  as they spend most of their time sitting alone and making vivid illusions that can help them. Daydreaming is a common thing that also occurs in school. This might be since kids find it harder to concentrate in lessons and begin to daydream quite a lot. Although this seems like a bad thing, it is the complete opposite. Daydreaming can help with problem solving skills and helps you reach your goal. This can benefit in visualizing creativity, hence, a great advantage for when you learn maths.

Daydreaming is a beautiful habit that people can obtain. If people are so engrossed into daydreaming, they would not understand what is happening around them. Therefore, many people who wake up from a daydream are most likely to feel confused and are not on task. Dreaming is fun and addicting at times, even though it can be distracting.

Some daydreamers are often described as thoughtful and unaware as they cannot focus as well as overthinking. Some people have different feelings after each dream. They either feel unhappy, cheerful, puzzled or tired depending on what type of dream they imagined.

Making your imagination wander around and picturising , is what daydreaming feels, as you feel free and not controlled. This can soothe many people which is why they love to daydream. It's an escape from reality as they feel more comfortable when it comes to making up things and letting their thoughts drift away.

Daydreaming creates peace as people are fascinated by their own world. They tend to be quiet and concentrate on their own universe. Having dreams by daylight can make a person feel relaxed because they are comforted by their visions from the windows of their eyes. Dazing in a fantasy region, makes the person conceive in their own image and this leads to people reasoning with things.