When you pave your own road, there's less traffic.


Now,our goals are pretty much the same. We want to [insert some goal] so we can be happy. Many of us have achieved goals only to still remain unfulfiled, and so we create new goals. This repetitive exercise can keep us busy until we die.

Today I had an awsome conversation with an awesome friend who has been traveling around the globe in pursuit of his happiness. I told him about the bazillion things I have going on and he asked, "What do you want life to be?" I didnt have to think about it; I replied"I want to be able to ride my bike every day and bring my ideas to life. "He then told me to stop doing everything that doesn't help me get on that bike and bring those ideas to life.

The beauty of that conversation was that he prompted me to share my very unique version of happy. It's much different from "I want to be rich and famous," because a lot of want to be rich and famous. We're all saying the same thing, though: "I want to be happy, and this is what I think will get me there." For me, happiness is sunshine, pretty women, bike rides, and creativity. That requires some money for the bills, but I can skip all the other things that comes with the rat race.