The meetings to articulate a global response to the climate change crisis are known as the Conference of the Parties (COP) and this year will be marked as the 26th year since these talks have been going on. 

I have had a very fortunate opportunity to send an email to Semma Malhotra's office about my teammates and I’s ideas about various approaches that could be used across the country, but also ones that are specific for our local community! Here are the suggestions:

  • Installing a smart meter in every household can make a significant difference in saving energy because people become aware of how much money is being spent on electricity. Not only will it save their money, but also save energy along with it. 
  • Talking about the changes an individual can make holds the potential to influence others as well. Holding local area events where students can participate in giving a speech about climate change and what we, as a community, can do to prevent the ghastly consequences. 
  • Promoting travelling by public transport can equally help with pollution. Travelling to the same destination in one single bus or train is much better than multiple cars which will significantly release more toxins. 
  • Having a local club that helps plant trees around Feltham and Heston promotes greenery and it also looks great on UCAS applications for students applying for universities. We think that doing something that's aimed at students who apply to universities will also help a lot with tackling climate change.