Last month, a new version of Monopoly was released. It’s the Richmond upon Thames edition.

The board game was produced by Winning Moves under the licensing of Hasbro.

After a Bath edition was released in 2005; a Blackpool edition was released in 2010; Richmond became the next town to have its very own edition of Monopoly.

The game has the same rules and properties have the same values as the corresponding properties in classic Monopoly, the dark blue properties are still the most expensive and the brown pair of locations are still the cheapest. The difference is that instead of buying properties such as Mayfair and Pall Mall you are buying places from around Richmond upon thames. Another difference is that the tax spaces have been replaced by a Housewarming Party space and a  Rent a Bike space.


Local landmarks featured are Ham House, York House and Strawberry Hill House (Light Blues), local parks such as Richmond Park,Bushy Park and Old Deer Park (Greens)are also featured. The two cheapest properties on the board are Eel Pie Island and Corporation Island,these are the brown pair of locations. The most expensive properties on the board,the dark blue pair of locations which are the equivalent of Mayfair and Park Lane, are the Terrace View and Kew Gardens.


As well, 5 local charities are featured in the board game(these were nominated by the public), three of which appear on the board and two of which appear on the community chest cards, these charities are Spear Homlessness Charity, Animal Rescue and Care, Vineyard Community, Ruils and The People Hive.


One thing that I like about the game is how when you buy properties in the game, you are buying landmarks from Richmond, for people that live in Richmond they are buying and putting houses and hotels on landmarks and parks from their local area that they often go to and as well I like how the game reflects local life as when you pick up community cards you get cards that say “you  lose control of your dog and it scares the deer in Richmond park. Pay 50 Monopoly dollars”.


Overall, the Monopoly-Richmond Upon Thames Edition board game is a great game that reflects local life and like Classic Monopoly promises fun for all.