Over the last 3 days I have walked between 40 and 50 kilometres, with 13 kilograms of equipment strapped to my back. This challenging adventure pushed me and my freinds to our limits.

We walked an average of 7-8 hours a day. The weather managed to hold up for us. It was lovely camping conditions and the pathes were nicely troden and easy to see and locate, which made the map reading easier for us all.

It was an exciting adventure over hills, into valleys, and along rivers. The 3 day hike with 10Kg on our backs was grueling but rewarding.

when someone sais D of E most people think of an expedition so to say that we ha e done the main part is enlightening.

I would encourage anyone who has the oportunity to do it, to defenitely do it as it is rewarding, fun, and an adventure for all, wherever you do it.