Diwali is a prestigious occasion for many people around the globe. It marks the return of Rama to Ayodhya, after his victorious battle with the demon king, Ravana. A devotee of his, the chieftain of the monkeys, Hanuman played a big role in his victory.

The event commenced roughly around 3:30pm and lasted until 10pm. Due to a variety of Diwali related videos being broadcasted, it was a great place for people to showcase their talent to London. The event also sparked laughs among people, as three men who were dressed as monkeys, replicating Hanuman, caused quite a lot of mischief, such as pulling hoods and tugging on people’s ears. The lighting arrangements were quite vibrant and Nelson’s Column was illuminated with an orange colour. The inflatable of the Hindu god Ganesh was a highlight, distinctly in the evening when it was scintillating. Furthermore, a traditional, colourful design, Rangoli, attracted a lot of the public to take photos alongside it. Rangoli exemplifies the prosperity in the family.

Throughout the presentation there were many talks from monks and priests, explaining the holinessof the event and a special appearance was also made by the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, expressinghis gratitude to the Diwali-celebrating community. The popularity of the event also resulting in Indian food stalls being set-up. The Samosa chaat, Paneer wrap and Aloo Tiki, were hilariously named after Bollywood stars.

The event was a massive success as it gathered a huge community and helped in displaying the various talents of many, which could have gone unnoticed.