The popular comedian has announced on Twitter that he will be stepping down as the host of the hit show. 

Nish's statement comes after the comedy show makes its move from the BBC to Dave. 

He posted the announcement on Twitter, written on a piece of bloodstained paper. 

Saying: "It is true- I'm leaving Late Night Mash. After 5 years across the BEEB and Dave. It felt like the time was right to move on". 

The popular comedian also added that he wanted "to thank the BBC for commission thew show and Dave for saving it. 

"And thanks to everyone who worked on the show-it truly was a labour of love. For us all".

Nish also excused the bloodstained script saying "It's covered in blood due to me slamming my hand into the staple by accident. "It is a testament to how much of myself I put into the show, and also my ceaseless clumsiness".

The former host ended his message by thanking everyone involved in the making of the show for their hard work.  

Nish left the most important message for the last line saying: "Mash forever".

The comedian will still be making regular appearances on TV with his most recent being on the music quiz show Never Mind the Buzzcocks on Sky TV. 

Where he was joined by fellow comedians Greg David, Daisy May Cooper, and Noel Fielding.