On Tuesday 26th October 2021, it had been reported, that the racist West Midlands police had attacked a Sikh man. The police officer Kasim Shafiq, who is part of the West Midlands police force had stamped on and riped the Sikh man's turban. Due to this, a peaceful protest had been held outside the station, All protesters are urged to maintain peaceful and respectful conduct, Also be cautious of the rise of covid cases this would be taking place in the Perry Barr police station, Holford Drive, Birmingham, B42 2TU. This would be held on Wednesday 27th October 2021 from 7 pm-7:30 pm.
A Sikh man who supports the Sikh youth UK (which is a campaign that raises awareness on international Sikh matters) was arrested yesterday in the afternoon by PC 22391 around 14:30. The arrest was about providing proof of address for a very minor traffic offence, The young Sikh man was taken to Perry Barr custody suite and was being booked in at the reception when PC Kashi Shafiq became very aggressive asking the Sikh man to remove his turban.PC Shafiq then reached across the reception desk and ripped the turban off the Sikh man's head, and then purposely stamped on it.
As a community, we do not tolerate religious hate by anyone. especially police officers who take advantage of their power to attempt to degrade Sikhs. 
We urge the Sikh community nationwide to write complaints and share this far and wide.