A brave Chaplin will face her fears by taking part in a Halloween sky dive to raise funds for St Clare Hospice based in West Essex.

Anna Kosla, of Chigwell joined the Hospice team as the Chaplain at the beginning of last year, she supports patients and families with their spiritual needs, which can mean speaking to them herself, or working with local faith leaders to find someone who can support them.

Despite her fear of heights she is hoping to jump out of a plane at13,000 feet, she has already raised more than £1,000.

Ms Kosla said: “When I went on a rollercoaster ride with my daughter I closed my eyes and missed most of the experience.”

“I really hope I can keep them open for this, despite my fears, as I think seeing the world below your feet will be inspiring.

“Since I have been Chaplain at St Clare I have found that it is when you are at your most vulnerable, when you are facing death, that you often start grappling with the issues around your life choices, questions about what is there after death.“

"Questions that you have been too busy to think about when you were well.”

“I’m delighted to be raising money for St Clare Hospice as I find the care, empathy and understanding of the teams for each and every person just wonderful.”

“When I get frightened about the prospect of the skydive, I think to myself, ‘well you’re never going to do it again, so just make the most of the view’. I hope I come down to earth like a dove rather than shrieking like a seagull!”

The big jump will take place on Saturday 30 October, to sponsor Ms Kosla visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ann-kosla