Leicester Square, an area based in Central London, is an area with it’s popular tourist destination, Chinatown, with its East Asian bakeries, restaurants, stationery and grocery stores. It’s a popular place for tourists to go as it is a 10-minute walk away from Trafalgar Square and Oxford Circus.

Chinatown is one of the go-to place if you want to try some deliciously hot buns, Japanese soufflé, Korean corndogs and boba tea, with shops like Bun House, Hefaurè, Bunsik or Happy Lemon. They are based around some of the corners of Chinatown and you can sense the aroma from a distance.

Besides from visiting Chinatown, there are many more places to visit surrounding Chinatown, where there is a Lego World and M&M’s world just by the corner of the Chinatown gate.

There are huge cinemas, candy shops, toy shops and popular fast food restaurants. You can spend all day and night roaming around Leicester Square as it’s a fun moment you do not want to miss because of all the shops you can visit in this area.

Leicester Square is a place definitely worth travelling to as you can buy as many things you need for your household needs or you can visit surrounding restaurants ito fill up your hunger. Though some restaurants may be extraordinarily expensive, there are professional chefs and cooks that caters food with high quality and has a smell of top-notch aroma, meaning the food in Chinatown are excellent.

Why not give it a try to eat East Asian cuisines in Leicester Square’s Chinatown such as: sushi, noodles, dumplings and their scrumptious deserts.

Before visiting Leicester Square, make sure to have an Oyster card topped up with enough money to pay for travel. From Walthamstow Central to Leicester Square by tube, it takes around 30 minutes.

Make sure to try out the cuisines and go to the Lego World and M&M's World, where you can take good pictures as Leicester Square itself is a photographic place for your Instagram or Facebook feed in general!