What impact does music have on people's lives recently


Over the recent years the world has seen a lot happen.Covid-19 was one of them perhaps the most important.Everyone suffered in many different ways whether that was financially or mentally.A lot of people lost jobs and were forced into staying at home, the elderly were very vulnerable,adults were losing jobs and needed money,teens were missing out on one of the most important stages of their education and children were not able to enjoy their childhood like they should.covid-19 was a struggle like no other,it was a long and hard battle in which people are still fighting against today.


Covid has had a profound effect on people and ever since the first lockdown people needed something to help them cope with the great despair of being isolated at home.everyone had to stay strong and one of the ways people were doing this was by strengthening their minds as mentality played a key role during lockdown.One of the very encouraged ways was listening to music.Music helped raise people's spirits when they were at their lowest.It has also helped in people with their well being.

Ujjal Bhachu-student at Guru Nanak Sikh Academy-who suffered from covid herself said “

When I had covid, it helped me alot as music was one of the few things that kept me motivated when I had it.doctors were barely handling the situation and it would keep me under a lot of stress to see the state of other people.But music always helped,enlightened my mood and would relieve the pressure i was feeling”

Music has helped a large population get through lockdown.It has helped support people through such tough times, it has been proven to relieve anxiety and trigger the release of endorphins into the body.It provides a range of activities and games one can play. Activities such as dancing, karaoke or musical chairs with people within support bubbles.

Music has clearly shown the massive impact on people throughout lockdown.It spread positivity and acted like a cure to the mind.It helped people understand themselves and their emotions.