The Nugent Retail Park has undergone many changes over the years. For example, the Carphone warehouse building has finally been stripped down. Does this mean a new store will be put in its place?

An example of a major differences in the retail park was the closing down of Debenham, due to their falling sales all over England starting in 2019. There was also the closing down of the Allied bakery which produced popular brands such as Kingsmill since 1938. Many more stores have moved out and/or closed such as Bathstore, WHSmith, Laura Ashley, Mamas and Papas and Mothercare. 

However, there have been many stores that have increased the popularity of the Nugents such as the Nike Outlet across the retail park as well as the brand-new JD store in place of Mamas & Papas 

Carphone Warehouse standalone stores had to close as the company Dixons Carphone rebranded the name to Curry's; these stores merged with Curry’s stores around the UK and Ireland. Unfortunately, this affected the Carphone warehouse and it had to merge with and move down to the Curry’s PC world in Springvale Retail Park. Although, this happened quite a while ago now, the store where Carphone warehouse store remained in the Nugents with wrapping around it directing those who were looking for the store to the new location. Now, this has been taken down suggesting a new building is going to take its place or signalling that the Carphone warehouse has finally moved on. 

Very soon, a new gym will be put in place of where Laura Ashley used to be. It is called Hitio Gym and is a family run business and has classes for 5 years and up. 

I asked a resident who lived close to the Nugents for 14 years, what their thoughts were on the changes the Nugent’s has undergone. “It has really improved for example, having a bank there makes it easier to draw money and now that a gym will be opening to help the community and to build healthier lifestyles. Also, there is more competition between stores e.g., coffee stores like costa, Starbucks and Pret a Manger this also means that people have more of a choice for things.” 

What changes will the Nugents undertake in the future and how will it affect the residents then?