Coronavirus cases are rising and deaths are high again, so we asked you whether you'd support a lockdown this winter.

Despite Covid restrictions having been reduced for a while, there has been some recent speculation about the UK and the possibility of it going into another lockdown. 

Last year, we spent much of our time in lockdown before a vaccination programme was in place. 

As winter nears, rumours of a Plan B to get us through the colder period have circulated.

This week, a No 10 spokesman said there are no plans to enter another Covid-19 lockdown in England.

He said: “We have set out our autumn and winter plan in terms of ‘Plan A’ and ‘Plan B’, and we continue to look at the latest scientific data.

“There isn’t any proposed plan for any further lockdowns. We are sticking to the autumn and winter plan we have set out.”

There's a lot of controversy around over whether we should be going into lockdown or not - and whether it would be the right thing to do to bring down cases and deaths again.

News Shopper Facebook followers told us whether they'd support it and what they thought about reintroducing restrictions.

Here's what some of them said:

Simon Collins said: "I knew this was coming as soon as autumn came and along with it the flu season.

"The NHS can’t cope again and we need to lockdown.

"We need to live with it to a degree and maybe bring back certain restrictions."

Karen Galloway said: "I'd support some basic infection control and hygiene measures like every other country.

"Our world beating infection rate and death toll is a disgrace!"

Lanre Joda said: "No need for another lockdown. It would only take us backward and away from the progress we have made.

"1- People should take the vacinne.

"2- Make mask-wearing compulsory in crowded places.

"3- pay attention to our borders. People should isolate when they arrived from abroad."

Ann Carling said: "Definitely not, all we need is for people to keep wearing masks when out shopping etc, the reason it's on the rise is because people aren't wearing them anymore."

Carla Collins said: "No, it's taken its toll on too many people with their mental health."

Terri-Ann Mitchison said: "It’s spreading because of the new isolation rules basically your sending kids in to school who are living in a house with covid where before the whole house would have to isolate!"

Karen Smith said: "No way I don’t want another lockdown."

Rachel Yeomans said: "Definitely no, we have just got to learn to live with it..."

Marie Eastwood said: "We can't keep going back and forth, this virus is here to stay and we will have to learn to live with it or we will be constantly in and out of lockdown and people cant live like that, the economy cant survive."

Paul Cotton said: "A lot of businesses only just survived the last one so no to another lockdown but yes to going back to wearing a mask."

Nikki Degen said: "As someone who's husband died of Covid, I don't think lockdown is the answer.

"Mandatory mask wearing, with enforcement, social distancing etc should be reintroduced."

Kerry McAuliffe said: "I already predicted this months back."

Kellie Morgan said: "No I wouldn't if four lockdowns, wearing masks, social distancing and whatever other nonsense we had to do didn't work why do you lot think another lockdown will work?"

Many other readers commented 'no' or 'yes' in response to whether they'd support a winter lockdown.

The general consensus seemed to be no, but there are some people who want to see restrictions come back to stop the cases rising.

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