A business that has been open for about two and a half years, throughout covid they stayed strong and have always piqued my interest with their beautiful floral arrangements and tasteful succulents. I went to The Chamomile - Flower Designs in Isleworth to get an insight into their business. Upon walking through the doors, you are greeted with the sight of various houseplants and beautiful bouquets. Their newest line of self watering terrariums proudly put on display showcasing their evergreen plants.


There is a wide selection of bouquets ranging from simple beauty to full extravagance. They are luxurious and set at a reasonable price whether they are for weddings or messages of gratitude, they are sure to cater to every person’s tastes and aesthetics.


I was lucky enough to get an interview with the owner to get her view on Covid and how it affected her store.  When asked how Covid had affected the store she said quite simply, “We were closed throughout all of Covid and have only just recently just opened shop, luckily we promoted through our website so we managed well .”


Our interview was interrupted briefly by the arrival of two regular customers. Both have been frequent customers whom Marlena, the owner, serves kindly and swiftly. As we resumed our conversation, I asked her if she had any fears for her store during lockdown. 


“I was afraid we wouldn't survive, the business that is.”


When asked if she had any hopes or ambitions for her store, she said not really.


“We are a small independent business, we were very lucky that people bought flowers as a means of giving gifts, currently I’m busy updating the website and keeping the store running so, no, we’re not looking for anything ambitious at the moment.”   

We finished off the interview and as I was leaving, I professed my love for the beautiful flowers and arrangements in her store and confessed that it had been a dream for me to step into the store.


The store is located at 495 London Road Isleworth TW7 4DA and is open Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm. Marlena can be contacted via her website, email or telephone for any inquiries.


Tel: 020 8568 9977