James, tell us a bit about yourself:
Hi i am James MacFarlane and I am 15 years old and I play the guitar. I've been playing for 8 years and have compelted grade 5 with a distinction.

What do you love about playing this instrument?
It is very relaxing and I enjoy playing lots of different genre's and styles. I specialisse in acoustic guitar and I have learned songs such as Wonderwall, by Oasis, and Africa, by Toto.

What experiences have you had when playinging?
I have played in concerts and school events throughout my career.  A great experience for me was when after a concert a stranger walked up to me and congratulated me and said how well I had played, It made me feel really happy.

Would you recomend it to anyone?
Absoloutly, I would recomend it and I would aslo say that you should start it young so you get the most time playing and learning a wonderful life skill. Especially if you want to imress your freinds.