Croydon Council has released a further update about its bin collections today (Wednesday).

It said the availability of drivers fluctuates daily, and that Veolia is "taking mitigations to complete as many collections as possible".

It explained that rubbish and recycling collections are being "severely impacted" by the HGV driver shortage and traffic congestion around fuel stations.

The council said that today's priority is to complete yesterday's outstanding collections.

This includes the postcode areas:

Recycling in CR0, CR2, CR6 and CR8

Garden waste in CR2 and CR5

Refuse in CR0, CR2 and CR8

Communal collections in CR0

This will impact today's scehdules collections, which include:

Recycling in BR3, CR0, CR2 and CR8

Croydon Council encouraged residents to continue to put bins out for collection on the normal day as most kerbside refuse, recycling, garden waste and communal collections are currently being completed on their scheduled day. 

What to do if your collection has been missed?

Croydon Council said: "If your whole street has not been collected - please leave your bins out at the front of your property. The collection crews know your street has not been visited and they will be with you as soon as they can.  Veolia is working to complete all outstanding collections by the end of each week. There is no need to report your collection as missed.

"If just your property has been missed - please report the missed collection via our website."

If your entire street is not collected

Croydon Council said: "If your street is not collected on schedule, please don’t report this as a missed collection, but leave your waste and recycling out and crews will get to you as soon as possible."

If other properties on your street are collected

Croydon Council said: "Please continue to report individual missed collections - where crews collect from other properties on their street but miss yours - in the same way as usual."