Lockdown was hugely challenging for everyone and left a huge number of people feeling isolated and alone, particularly the elderly, vulnerable and teenagers who had to do online schooling for several months away from socialising with friends in the school environment. This has significantly increased the number of people suffering from mental health issues, with a 30% increase in demand for mental health services particularly among young adults and the highest number of people reported suffering from general anxiety disorder post lockdown. On the 10th of October 2021 it was mental health day where people all over the UK focused their attention on their own mental health, importance of mental health and methods on how to maintain good mental health and help those in need. It also helped people to understand the importance of speaking out if you feel like you need help and increased their understanding and knowledge of mental health issues.

On mental health day tips and information was shared about how to maintain a good and healthy mindset and the importance of understanding different mental health issues. Studies have shown one hours’ worth of exercise a day whether that is just a walk or some kind of physical exercise can improve your mental health by over 50% reducing stress, helping you sleep better and boosting your overall mood. Also, studies have shown post lockdown socialising is more important than ever, in order to interact with friends and family.

Especially after the two years we have gone through and experienced, it is more important than ever to talk about mental health and how it affects everyone. It has highlighted to so many the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset and positive attitude, as well as tips in order to maintain a good work/life balance. More than ever mental health is affecting everyone globally on a huge scale and many worry the increasing numbers could soon result in a mental health crisis especially among young adults who were affected by the restricted side of lockdown a lot more. Therefore, raising awareness and understanding of mental health issues is more important than ever. Mental health issues can affect anyone at anytime but especially after lockdown more people than ever before are struggling with their mental health and struggling to get help quick enough due to the high demand. Specialists are encouraging everyone to concentrate on their own mental health and maintaining a good, positive, and healthy mindset, focusing on small steps at a time especially as people ease back to normality from a hugely difficult and unprecedented time which affected everyone in different ways. It changed many peoples lives and livelihoods in an instance and as people ease back to normality concentrating on good mental health is more important than ever before, assuring everyone is looking after themselves and raising awareness and understanding of mental health globally and the affects post pandemic.