A lucky 71-year-old EuroMillions winner of a £102,904 prize says that he plans to use the money to complete his science degree.

Pratap Patel, a father of three from Wembley who works part-time at a fast-food chain, was the winner of the EuroMillions draw on August 27 this year.

He came to the UK in 1976 to study in university, but his “growing family” meant he had to cut his studies short and find a job.

Now after scooping the prize – he is considering of returning back to his studies to complete his science degree.

Mr Patel bought a few Lucky Dip lines for the EuroMillions while doing his weekly shop at the Asda store in Wembley Park, but he thought no more about it until two days later when he happened to check the ticket.

He said: “The person on the counter put my ticket through the machine and handed me a slip of pink paper, explaining I’d had a win but that it was too much to pay out from the till and I needed to call Camelot.

“I took the slip and called the number from the supermarket car park, and when the lady confirmed the win and told me how much, I nearly fell over.

“It’s just incredible, you don’t expect to hear you are £102,904 richer while standing in a supermarket car park!”

His son who heard the news thought his dad won £102, until Mr Patel repeated it and corrected him that it was £102,904.

Mr Patel has no major big plans to splash his cash, although he is looking forward to planning a trip to visit family in Mumbai and meeting his daughter who is in Qatar at the moment.