A MEMORIAL in Hurricane Way that commemorates all those who served at North Weald airfield between 1916 and 1964 has been renovated.

North Weald Bassett Parish Council has made a £3,000 contribution towards the cost of renovation works that have just been completed at the Debt of Honour and Airfield Memorial to those who served at the site.

The Debt of Honour and Airfield mmemorial was erected on September 3, 2000, and is located within the memorial arecontains copies of the Debt of Honour, which commemorate the names of 266 people from seven nations who died serving the war effort from the airfield and during peace time. 

Epping Forest District Council, which took over ownership of the memorial from the charitable trust that built it a couple of years ago, made a £5,000 contribution.

The works included cleaning the Portland stone, replacing the paved approach path with a resin bonding and widening the approach to allow wheelchair access.

Both flagpoles were removed to be sandblasted and repainted, the lighting has been upgraded and the subsidence has been investigated and repaired.
North Weald Parish Council says it takes great pride in the memorial and organising the annual remembrance event, so were happy to help fund the works.