On September 26th, Brands Hatch became a mini land of the rising sun during their second annual automotive celebration: GO Japan! 


GO Japan! is listed as an official event of the Japan-UK season of culture, proving its importance beyond just racing and into an internationalist and multicultural event that serves to educate and celebrate a fascinating culture (and their cars!). 


Cultural Events:

Go Japan! sought primarily to facilitate a tiny window into Japanese culture. For example the Kentagon Restaurant provided an especially created menu of Japanese classic meals for those seeking to culturally enrich their tastebuds, more competitive eaters were invited to take part in a Japanese themed eating competition; One cultural crossover being an immutable desire to stuff our faces! 


Roving bands of jovial cosplayers (apparently a more modern cultural phenomenon in Japan) announced their presense via the booming reverberations of  80's City pop, acting as either a warning or a lure depending upon one's predilections. 


The cars!

Many dozens of years of unique Japanese engineering graced the fields, with both functionality and aesthetic flourishes on display. 

This Is Local London: A few slightly lonely cars as the day wound down.A few slightly lonely cars as the day wound down.

The races!

Go Japan! proved a particularly eventful day on the track, with over 10 red flags throughout the day! The Type R trophy race got off to a particularly shocking start when a confident No.48 spun off at the closing corner, flipping the car in a heart stopping plume of dust and steel. This Is Local London: One perilous corner!One perilous corner!

Thanks to the work of the incredible marshals, Lee Deegan (NO.48) made it out unharmed. Incumbent favourite Adam Shepherd would go on to win the day.

All in all, GO Japan! provided an exhilarating experience for both budding internationalists and motorsport aficionados.