An NHS nurse who supplied the medication that a man used in attempt to illegally abort his partner’s baby against her will has been let go.

Robinraj Christy, aged 30 from Edgware, provided the misoprostol tablets in 2018 to his university friend Kasam Rahman – which was then passed on to a man who attempted to illegally induce the abortion.

After a Nursing and Midwifery Council committee meeting, it was confirmed that Christy – who also goes by the name Robin – has been struck off.

Christy, who worked at the Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, was already jailed for three years in December 2019 after he supplied the drug to his friend.

It came after Rahman supplied the drugs to dad-to-be Isaac Lyndsay, who force-fed the drug to his partner to terminate her pregnancy against her will.

However the baby was still born at 28 weeks – nine months premature – as the pregnancy was past the pill cut-off point.

The baby was then considered ‘critically ill’.

In a police interview in June 2018, Christy stated that he had no knowledge of the situation and had not assisted in anyway.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s statement read: “Although the registrant’s clinical practice had not been called into question, his past conduct put a member of public, and her unborn child, at significant risk of unwarranted Page 6 of 17 harm.

“Indeed, the registrant’s conduct in advising a third party how to give a woman a noxious substance that would induce an abortion or miscarriage contributed to a member of public and her unborn child experiencing significant harm.

“The registrant contributed to bringing about this harm by using his professional knowledge to advise a third party on how to bring about a miscarriage/abortion and how to exacerbate the effects of the substance administered.”

It was also said in the panel that “the registrant has not demonstrated any remorse for his actions towards the baby and her mother”.

Lyndsay was jailed for seven years, and Rahman was also sentenced to three years in prison for assisting with the botched abortion attempt.