Donations have poured in to support a Borehamwood family whose home was destroyed in a fire.

A father who was rescued from the fire in Allerton Road is critically injured in hospital and neighbours say their house has been ruined by the fire.

Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue sent eight appliances to the scene on Monday morning and a man aged in his 60s, who lives inside the house, was rescued before being put into an air ambulance and flown to hospital for urgent treatment.

The fire service has confirmed there was a fire on the ground floor of the house but neighbours have reported much of the house is destroyed, including the possessions inside, with the windows blown out.

Sophie Yershon, who lives a few doors down, has helped organise a collection of donations for the family and the Borehamwood community has responded with waves of support.

Mrs Yershon's living room is now "filled with kindness" after clothing, toiletries, electrical items, and more were given by members of the community wanting to help after a social media appeal.

The foodbank at nearby Parkside Community Primary School as well as volunteers from Morrisons have also given their support.

Mrs Yershon has also set up a fundraising page to support the family, which has raised more than £300.

Mrs Yershon said: "The house is destroyed and everything is smoke damaged. It looks like nothing will be able to be recovered.

"We wanted to show our support to highlight to the family we live in a loving community. It is what you do as a neighbour, you help where you can.

"Everyone is really sad for the family and concerned and if we can give them even a teeny-tiny leg-up, that’s what we’ll do.

"The response to help has been overwhelming and it would be incredible if we could use that amazing community spirit to give them a leg up and a small contribution to a new start."

The fire in Allerton Road prompted a huge emergency response and the the cause of the fire has been under investigation.

A specialist dog spent Monday at the scene alongside forensic officers after the fire was brought under control at around midday.

The fire service was originally alerted at 11.07am.

The property in Allerton Road is home to a couple and their daughter who have lived at the house for many years.

Neighbour Mrs Yershon has also thanked the emergency services and described the actions of the firefighters as "humbling".

She said fire crews visited neighbours and carried out general checks on fire alarms and offered advice.

The fundraising page to support the family affected by the fire can be found at