The Harrow East MP has pressed the Government for more support to schools to combat anti-vaxxers and misinformation.

Anti-vaccination protests have taken place outside many schools within the past week, including sightings of activist Piers Corbyn handing out misleading leaflets outside a Twickenham school.

It has sparked concerns that young people eligible for a Covid vaccination may choose not to have a jab due to anti-vaccination persuasion.

Conservative MP Bob Blackman, for Harrow East, supported minister Alex Burghart, who called the protests “unacceptable” and a form of “intimidation”.

In response, the MP said: “He (Alex Burghart) quite rightly points out it is a public health matter in terms of the vaccination programme for young people.

“However, what support is being given to schools, teachers and parents and young people to combat the anti-vaxxers, who obviously are misleading people on the benefits of ensuring the young people are vaccinated and therefore safe to be in school?”

Mr Burghart replied: “He raises an extremely important point. It is totally unacceptable that any teacher or head teacher is being placed under pressure in this way.

“The lies that have been spread by certain groups are outrageous. They have unquestionably made life uncomfortable for some people working in schools at this time.”

Corbyn has been one of the leading faces in anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown campaigns in the UK, with him often sharing out false conspiracies that Covid is a “hoax” and linking 5G technology to the virus.

Piers Corbyn at an anti-vaccination protest in July (Photo: PA)

Piers Corbyn at an anti-vaccination protest in July (Photo: PA)

Outside the Twickenham school, Corbyn handed out leaflets demanding ‘stop jabbing the children’.

There have been other sightings of protesters including outside Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School in Canterbury.

Last week, the Government announced the rollout of vaccinations for 12 to 15-year-olds.

Mr Burghart reiterated that children and their education have been badly hit by the pandemic and lockdowns, and that vaccinating children will help prevent any further impact to education.

He said: “We know the impact of coronavirus has been felt strongly in schools. The evidence is clear that being out of education causes significant harm to attainment, life chances, mental health and physical health.

“Data from the autumn 2020 schools census showed that 60 per cent of pupils had some period where they did not attend school in circumstances relating to Covid-19 during the autumn term.

“This represents 33 million days missed. An analysis shows that every day of education missed matters.”