We asked our readers what advice they would give to this year's freshers, and some of the responses are great.

Starting university is an interesting time - often, people are moving out of home and away from their parents for the first time.

It might be the first time people go clubbing without having to hide their drunken state from parents, it might be the first time people are cooking for themselves, and it might be the first time their education is actually up to them to take control of.

There's plenty of things freshers should know, the generic "don't leave the hob on after you've been cooking", "there's other food apart from pasta", "know your drink limits" and "9am lectures really aren't that early".

But according to south east London, people also need to know what the best type of pot noodle is, they need to know what to buy and they need to be told to get in the shower.

Here's what the News Shopper readers had to say:

Katherine Morton said: “Keep in touch with parents. They want you to have a good time and then to hear about it.”

Michele Delius said: “Chicken and mushroom pot noodle is the best”

Kate Nicholas said: “Have fun and make the most of it”

James Willis said: “Wash”

George Packman said: “Use protection”

Sophie Lawry: "Buy a door stop so you can leave your door open and make friends."

Caroline Bailey said: “Wear masks indoor and gel your hands.”

Claire Maria said: “Reeaaadddddd! Read EVERYTHING! Even do the extra reading x”

Carol Bradford said: Please be quiet when l’m trying to sleep”

Julie Clare said: “Make sure no one spikes your drink”

Jade Leahy said: “Harvard referencing will never get easier”

James Masterton said: “Your home relationship won't last beyond Christmas. Dump them and have some fun.”

Clare Alexandra said: “Don’t hold out much hope for online learning…”

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