A MOTHER-of-two has been left worrying for her children’s health a year after she reported a suspected gas leak to the council. 

Kelly Mead, 45, of Queensway Shelley in Ongar reported the smell of gas coming from her property last year to Epping Forest District Council. It advised her to contact Cadent - a company that deals with large-scale gas issues. 

Since calling Cadent a gas inspector reset her boiler and assured the family it was safe to use. However, she has recently felt terrified in her own home after her 12-year-old daughter woke her up to the smell of gas. 

Ms Mead called her neighbour, who has a gas detector, to come and help, he placed it in her cupboard where the meter is situated. It showed three red warning lights indicating a positive leak. 

This Is Local London: Where the expected leak is coming fromWhere the expected leak is coming from

She then shut down her boiler and called Cadent who got it back up and running and left saying there was no leakage again. 

But she believes the smell of gas is still there and is now starting to distress her two young children who both have disabilities. 

Ms Mead said: “I have been unable to sleep, we are living in fear. It’s like an ongoing nightmare.” 

“The smell of gas in the house is potent, filling every room. There also appears to be a black soot like substance clinging to the walls - I have never smoked in here. 

“I have tried to wipe the walls and the black marks keep coming back, there is also damage appearing from the boiler. 

“I live with my two children who have additional needs. It is adding unwanted expense as well as frustration.” 

This Is Local London: The black substance Ms Mead believes is clinging to the wallsThe black substance Ms Mead believes is clinging to the walls

The family have sought to move to another council property on the grounds of health and safety but the Epping Forest District Council refused, saying it is adequate housing. 

Ms Mead is now beginning to worry about her children’s health. She believes the potential gas leak is linked to ongoing illnesses. 

“The whole family have been feeling unwell. I have had an upset stomach and diarrhoea, it must be connected. 

“I had to take my bunny to the vet and ended up with a £64 bill, the vet said they are very sensitive to gas and it could be linked to my boiler issues. 

“If I had the money, I would go private and rent somewhere for our safety. I am struggling finically on benefits and do not have enough to afford a deposit, they are issues that I am dealing with but this is taking a huge mental toll.” 

This Is Local London: Damage around pipesDamage around pipes

An Epping Forest council spokesperson said: “Following Kelly Mead’s reports of the smell of gas at her property our contractor visited twice. 

“Safety checks were carried out on all gas appliances, and the boiler, and no leaks were found. The tenant was advised to contact Cadent, who deal with large-scale gas issues if she was still concerned. 

“However, given her ongoing concerns we are arranging another visit to help put her mind at rest. 

“We understand it can be unsettling and worrying to feel there may be a gas leak, but we would like to re-assure all our residents that their concerns are taken very seriously and if any defects or leaks are found they would be acted upon immediately.”