I read Labour Councillor for Wanstead Village Paul Donovan’s piece in the Guardian this week with great interest. His piece “Working together for a better Wanstead” is something no one could disagree with and it is a noble sentiment. He has raised many issues which I personally agree with.

However, if the tone of the article is “working together” then I’m afraid that is not something this Labour council has taken on board.

When the council took the decision to approve the newly proposed café kiosk on Christ Church Green, behind closed doors and on the Friday before a bank holiday weekend, they did not seek to “work together” with 192 residents that objected to a badly designed café kiosk. Many people were not against the idea, but the design. Those 192 people who commented through legal and democratic means were simply side-lined. It proves that when the council has the chance to “work together” they don’t take it.

In the article it is pointed out that “people always blame those in charge” and that’s true. We all have a responsibility to look after our area and yes, government cuts have been savage, but Labour are in charge of Wanstead. Labour have been in charge of Redbridge since 2014 and Labour has been in charge of London since 2016. So yes, when things do go wrong, the people will blame those in charge. And right now, that’s the Labour party.

Scott Wilding

Wanstead Liberal Democrats