The scenes which unfolded 20 years ago today shocked the world.

The terror attack on the United States of America killed thousands of people and affected the lives of so many.

We asked you where you were when you heard the tragic news.

Here are some of the heart-wrenching responses from News Shopper readers:

Sarah Marie said: "My toddler son ran to the TV shouting, “No! No!” He was only 18 months old but something clearly told him that something very bad was happening.

"I’ve been to the 9/11 memorial and museum and cried from walking in the front door."

Susan Ilse Emerson-Hahn said: "I was with our football manager having a meeting in a pub in portobello Road.

"We saw it on the TV then rushed down the road to his house and watched it.

"My sister in law was in the 2nd tower and later told us her story of how she got out, many of her friends died.

"I can never forget."

Liz Hall said: "At the hospital with my daughter and all the drs and nurses crowded round the TV, was so shocking and upsetting."

Dave-Jackie Humphrey said: "Dropped my husband off at LHR for an early flight out to JFK.

"He was due to be at one of the twin towers for the opening of outcry.

"Sat glued to the computer with my finger on redial! One of the worst days of my life!"

Janis Lewis said: "In work actually talking to a colleague in our New York office then the line went dead."

Clare Hardman said: "On a train travelling to London Euston. I've never ever seen the station so quiet."

Suzanne Thompson said: "My husband was there at the twin towers when they fell."

Marcia van Hout-Fels said: " We boarded an earlier plane to travel New York to London.

"I am very grateful we made the journey safely."

Bob Sullivan said: "I was talking to my colleague who was on 34th floor of one of the towers and I had to say get out!

"He then said gotta go and had to run down 34 floors. Got out though!"

Meena Johl Bull said: "In the tower at Canary Wharf in a meeting then told to evacuate as rumour that plane was flying to London with our building as the target.

"30 mins to get to ground floor from 42nd floor.

"8000 scared people calmly walking down the stairs and then trapped on the island as DLR had shut down.

"No tube back then.

"Waited 2.5 hours for a boat to get out of Docklands. Will never forget that day.

"RIP to all that lost their lives."

Tony Nash said: "At work on a house that a young family were living and her husband was in the first tower that hit.

"Emotional time for his wife and family.

"Not to mention us the builders.

"But he came out of it with cuts and bruises."

Diane Dinch said: "My husband was working in the towers 5 days before.

"His boss asked him to stay on longer.

"But he couldn't because we had holiday booked.

"He lost some collogues that terrible day."

Lisa James said: "Sailing into NY on the QE2 only to then get sent to Boston to be in a bomb scare there whilst watching it all unfold.

"The dust/ smoke the erie/ shock feeling of what you were sailing towards..."

Helen Anders said: "I was there, had it been an hour later I would have been on the observation deck of the WTC.

"Stood and watched the towers come down.

"Later sat for a while in Union Square and spoke to a guy who had come down from the 86th floor, apologizing to us because it was going to ruin our holiday.

"Such a terrible, surreal time."

Karin Niehs said: "Watching news reports, heavily pregnant and seeing the second plane go into the tower and wondering what kind of world I was bringing my child into."

Victoria Warrington said: "At work, watching on the big telly.

"It was like time just stood still.

"So incredibly sad and breathtaking."

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