Concerns have been raised about "targeted" vandalism of a mini library outside a community centre.

The mini library outside the William Morris Community Centre is one of a dozen in Walthamstow where people can freely exchange books as part of an 'honour' system.

But in recent months the door has been ripped off, the box has been pulled off its mounting and it has been covered in paint.

Now the centre has notified the police and set up Facebook pages for the community to “share their disgust" at such a "shameful" situation.

This Is Local London: Vandalised mini libraryVandalised mini library

Walthamstow artist Sean Rodrigo, 33, joined work to repair the library and says he and fellow volunteers are unsure why it is happening.

He said: "The majority of honour system boxes that exist in Walthamstow have been treated with respect and have had the community engage with them in a very positive way.

“But only recently we’ve seen some fairly specific damage including paint being poured over the library, which seems very targeted.

“It seems to be the work of an individual who has some kind of issue unknown to us. We have no reason to believe this is the work of youth or local food delivery workers who frequent the street.”

This Is Local London: Sean RodrigoSean Rodrigo

The William Morris Community Centre is a non-profit charity run by volunteers and has a number of charities including the Rukhsana Khan Foundation food bank, which helps local families in Walthamstow access food.

Mr Rodrigo said that over the years, the Waltham Forest Community Centre has created a few of these libraries but most of them are now quite aged and in some cases have been defaced.

He added: “It’s quite sad to see something that is a beloved community resource such as the mini free library treated like this – a senseless act of vandalism."

The GoFundMe page has raised enough money to replace the library with a “new even more brilliant box”, and a security camera fitted inside.

This Is Local London: Temporary mini library created by Sean RodrigoTemporary mini library created by Sean Rodrigo

Sean has not yet finished the renovations for this mini library so in the meantime is installing one of his food bank creations (pictured) to be used as a library on the same road where the community centre is – Greenleaf Road.

Mr Rodrigo added: “The silver lining is that whilst there are always going to be people that wish to destroy things in the street, we have a number of people in the community who have banded together to support the reinstallation of the mini free library.

“This is just proof that the Walthamstow Community still believes in resources such as the centre and social good projects like the mini free libraries.”

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