Two Sainsbury's branches in the capital have cost the supermarket giant thousands of pounds after the stores sold out-of-date food.

The supermarket giant was fined £15,000 plus £8,000 costs after pleading guilty to seven counts of breaching food labelling regulations.

The guilty stores included the Brompton Road, Knightsbridge and Victoria station branches.

The City of Westminster Magistrates' Court heard how, in one case, a woman was sold a turkey that was more than a week past its use-by date.

After eating some of the turkey and feeling ill, the woman returned to the Knightbridge branch the next day to complain and demanded to see the manager.

The prosecution told the court the manager offered her £20 as compensation for any medication she used while she felt sick.

When the customer asked why he was offering her this money, the manager replied that it was "for the bad experience she had suffered," the court heard.

Sainsbury's stressed there was no question of the food being unsafe.