We asked Bromley residents on the local high street for unspoken rules that only apply in Bromley and here are the best of the bunch...

Melissa, 19, told our News Shopper reporter: "Don't go round the wrong corners.

"You won't be told not to but you just don't do it."

Sam Khan, 24, had a differing opinion and said: "You've got to be cool and calm to live here.

"Everyone is kind, everyone is calm and everyone is quiet."

Liam Dole, 35, said: "Just act normally.

"We just know that to live here you have to have normal behaviour.

"Like you just don't spit in Bromley."

Sophie Lawrence, 24, said: "You need your hiking boots and rucksack if you're walking from Chislehurst station to the High Street."

Joe Freeman, 68, said: "You just don't mention the K word. We live in London, not Kent."

Essen Khan, 21, said: "You know you can speak to anyone here."

Lauren, 19, said: "I've lived here all my life and I can't think of anything that people would tell you not to do.

"Freedom is our unspoken rule."

Betty Jean, 72, said: "If you visit, you go to Churchill Theatre."

Sarah Seafert, 40, said: "We secretly like that we have the best of both worlds with London and Kent."

Mitchell Pard, 58, said: "The unspoken rule is that it's the best place to live in the whole of London."

Well - how could anyone disagree?!

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