Pupils at Norlington School are “over the moon” and celebrating top GCSE grades.

Nearly half the year group obtained the very top grade 7-9, the equivalent of A* - A, in at least five subjects.

At the Leyton school 10 percent of the boys achieved the top 7-9 grade in all subjects.

A total of 70 pc of the boys were awarded grades 5 and above in English and Maths.

In addition, 84 pc received a grade 4 and above in English and Maths.

Top achiever Nadeem Abrar, 16, from Leyton,achieved grade 9s in all subjects.

He said he felt “ecstatic” at his results and is planning on staying on at Norlington at the Sixth Form.

This Is Local London: Affen Zubair GazIAffen Zubair GazI

He said: “I really have to thank our teachers who did their level best to prepare us and to help me get all 9s.”

"I was disappointed to not sit an actual exam this year to be able to prove myself. My teachers have been amazing for helping me get through a difficult year.

Classmate Affan Gazi, from Leyton, 16, said: “They worked very hard, even harder than some of the students.

“They pushed me to my limit and gave us every opportunity to do our best.”

Salman Farhat, 16, from Leyton, said the pandemic took a toll on his mental health but the school supported him to get a grade 7-9 in all subjects.

He said he is looking forward to continuing his journey at Norlington’s Sixth Form.

Sulaiman Zaman was “delighted” after doing much better than he expected after initially expecting only a couple of 9s.

This Is Local London: GCSE Norlington School student Yusuf MohammedGCSE Norlington School student Yusuf Mohammed

He is off to Brampton Manor Sixth Form to study Further Maths, Physics and Economics.

James Minett, 16, from Leyton, said the pandemic was challenging to not have anyone to push him at home but he appreciated that the school gave them opportunities to make up exams if need be. Yusuf Mohammed, 16, said doing classes from home proved disruptive at first but “in the end it just shows if you work hard it pays off.”

He said his teachers prepared him well and he is hoping to continue his studies at Norlington.

Saqib Bashir, 16,from Leyton, said he was “over the moon” to get a grade 7-9 in eight subjects.

He is off to New City College in Epping Forest to study performing arts.

Assistant Principal Yusuf Hafesji said: “We are extremely proud of our year 11s, they have shown great courage, responsibility, endurance and mental strength over the past 18 months.

“The pandemic created a huge amount of disruption in the academic journey of our boys and we cannot celebrate enough how well they have adapted and grown through what was a challenging period. “These outstanding grades are a testimony to their ability and to how well they have taken on board the structures at Norlington.

“They quickly adapted to the changes caused by the pandemic and used the expertise of their teachers to perform amazingly this year.

“The skills and knowledge they have built over their time at Norlington will make them grow strength to strength at post 16.

““Congratulation and well done to all of our boys! We are proud of you.”