School students across south east London are collecting GCSE results which have been determined by teachers after this summer’s exams were cancelled.

This year, teachers in England submitted their decisions on pupils’ grades after drawing on a range of evidence, including mock exams, coursework, and in-class assessments using questions by exam boards.

We are keeping track of how schools in south east London fared:

Harris Academy Falconwood

Between lockdowns, many students attended summer school during the holidays, stayed late after school to work in the library and took part in other catch-up sessions.

Harris Academy has made a special mention to:

  • Ben Pryor (1 grade 9, 3 grade 8s, 3 grade 7s and a grade 6).

The academy said Ben has flourished this year and managed to adjust to learning at home during lockdown even though this was not always easy due to some underlying special educational needs including ASD, dyslexia and hearing difficulties.

Assistant Principal of Harris Academy Falconwood, Mr Mickael Mouellic, was Ben’s mentor at school.

Mr Mouellic said: Ben is a lovely young man and has taken every opportunity put this way to achieve such great progress.

"He is a dedicated student and we know he will do incredibly well at our sixth form, where he is taking A Levels in geography, PE and sociology.”

  •  Luisa Zimmerman (10 grade 9s and 1 grade 8).

This Is Local London: Luisa Zimmerman got 10 grade 9s and 1 grade 8 in her GCSEs at Harris Academy FalconwoodLuisa Zimmerman got 10 grade 9s and 1 grade 8 in her GCSEs at Harris Academy Falconwood

Mr Tom Street, Head of Academy said: Luisa is a top-class student who has done phenomenally well in her GCSEs.

"She is always kind, conscientious and we at Harris Academy Falconwood know how academically gifted she is.

"She is a credit to herself and her family.

"She has thrived in lessons, plans to take A Levels in history, biology and product design, and is already well on her way to follow her ambition of studying architecture at a top London university.”

He added: "Despite the many challenges of the pandemic – which brought real suffering to some families – this Year 11 cohort showed tremendous grit and determination throughout their two year GCSE course. 

"By working hard, they have built the foundations needed to succeed in their A Levels and beyond and we cannot wait to welcome them back next month.”

Harris Academy Beckenham

Amongst the highest achievers in Year 11 are: 

  • Emilia Frances – who achieved top scores across all subjects - a hugely impressive 10 x 9 grades 
  • Daniel Mills – achieved 7 x 9 grades and 3 x 8s 
  • Zeeshan Hasan – 6 x 9s and 4 x 8 grades 
  • Louis Old – 6 x 9s and 2 x 8s and 2 x 7 grades 
  • Louis Caro – 6 x 9 grades, 2x 8 and 2 x 7 grades 
  • Alexander Davis – 5 x 9s, 4 x 8 grades 
  • Zachary Duguid – 2 x 9s, 4 x 8s and 2x 7  
  • Tia Richards – 2 x 9s, 4 x 8s, 2 x 7s and 1 x 6 grades 
  • Louis Pilger – 2 x 9s, 3x 8s, 3 x 7s and 1 x6 grades 
  • Cara Aarnes- Olsen – 2 x 9s, 2 x 8s, 4 x 7s 

This Is Local London: Zeeshan celebrating his resultsZeeshan celebrating his results

Harris Academy Beckenham also mentioned Ben Cunningham, Ted Tayles, Princess Alagbala, Jessica De Vries, Daria Kazakova, James Barry and Hussein Aatweh- Ghadar for doing "tremedously well".

Ciara Warnock, Principal of Harris Academy Beckenham, said: Congratulations to all of our students; we are so proud to have been a part of your educational journey.

"Your resilience, determination and resolve and been tremendous over the last two years.

"Staff have been bowled over with how you have handled all the challenges laid before you and your sheer strength and courage to ensure you achieved so highly.  

“Not only have you achieved amazing GCSE results this year, but you are extremely caring, and deeply giving students; it has been a true pleasure to see you thrive and develop into fabulous young people ready for the next stage in your life.

"You have done yourself, your parents and your Academy proud.

"The future is yours for the taking- be sure to grab it with both hands.  

“We wish all our students the very best and we look forward to seeing lots of you return in September.” 

Bexleyheath Academy

Bexleyheath Academy says today’s results are some of the best results ever achieved following two years of dedication and commitment from students, despite the disruption of the pandemic.

This year the following students did particularly well and will go on to pursue a number of exciting post-16 paths: 

  • Ellie Flaherty achieved seven Grade 9 and two Distinction* grades. She is looking forward to studying A-Levels at Bexleyheath Academy Sixth Form.
  • Paramveer Virdi achieved five Grade 9, two Grade 8, and two Distinction* grades.  He is looking to studying A-Levels at Bexleyheath Academy Sixth Form.
  • Charlie Hudson achieved four Grade 9, two Grade 8, a Grade 7 and two Distinction* grades and is also looking to continue his studies at Bexleyheath Academy Sixth Form.
  • Leo Christodoulides achieved five Grade 9, one Grade 8, one Grade 7 and two Distinction* grades. He is looking forward to studying A-Levels in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and History.
  • Louie Charalambous achieved four Grade 9, two Grade 7 and three Distinction* grades and is looking to continue A-Levels in Mathematics, Physics & Media Studies.
  • Hannah Ede achieved two Grade 9, four Grade 8, one Grade 7 and two Distinction* grades and is looking to study A-Levels in Mathematics, English Literature, Biology & Psychology.
  • An Yi achieved three Grade 9, two Grade 8, two Grade 7 and two Distinction* grades. She is looking to study A-Levels in Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Graeme Napier, Principal of Bexleyheath Academy said: "I am delighted for our Year 11 students – they have worked so hard, both this year and last year, despite all of the challenges and disruption that Covid brought.

"They deserve these grades and I am incredibly proud of what each and every one of them has achieved.

"Whether they are going onto study A Levels, vocational qualifications, or going into employment or training, they have a bright future ahead.”

Beths Grammar School

Beths Grammar School has seen continued success, with some of the standout individual achievements including:

  • Jack B, Arion N and Jedida P who all achieved grade 9s in each of their 11 GCSEs.
  • Whilst attaining flawless GCSE results, Jack B captained the school football team who went on to win the World School’s Football Cup, and played in the preliminary and first round proper of this year’s FA Cup.
  • Jack B said “I feel like the school really came into its own when learning went on-line. It adapted really quickly and really well and we never lost out.”
  • Alex W said “ Beths really helped me because I always knew that I was supported by my teachers and I could go to them after classes with questions specific to me.”
  • Dillon  J said “This place is home.”
  • Two students, Komi E and Morgan A, achieved 10 grade 9s in each of their GCSEs. Matthew M achieved 9 grade 9s and Dillon J achieved 8 grades 9s, Sachin M and Luca M achieved 7 grade 9s.
  •  50 students achieved at least 4 grade 9s.

This Is Local London:

Richard Blyghton, headteacher at Beths Grammar School, said: “We are very proud of all our students and the GCSE results they have achieved, which are hugely deserved. 

"We are proud of their academic standards which will provide a robust starting point for their A level studies.

"The commitment, resilience and spirit they have shown over the last two years has been inspirational and their results are testament to this.

"We look forward to welcoming them alongside other high performing students from across South London and North Kent into our remarkable Sixth Form community.

“Not only are we celebrating the high academic performances of our students today, but all the other excellent achievements they have enjoyed during their time with us, be that through sports, music, languages, or through our house system and student leadership opportunities.

“I would like to thank all our students, their families, our staff and the wider school community for their ongoing support and we look forward to seeing our students progress on to the next stage of their education as they continue to fulfil their potential.”

Harris Garrard Academy  

One student who is set to make his mark on the world is Andy Mon, whose academic talent was identified by the academy early in Year 7. 

Today he has picked up an outstanding set of results - four 9s, four 8s and one 6.

He is set to attend Harris Westminster Sixth Form to study his A Level courses.

This is an academically selective sixth form, which receives many applications for each place available.  

Outstanding results were also achieved by Kelsey Hodgson – five 9s, two 7s and one 5 and Quesser Zuhrah – four 9s, one 8, three 7s and one 6.  

This Is Local London: Left to right: Kelsey Hodgson, Quesser Zuhrah and Andy MonLeft to right: Kelsey Hodgson, Quesser Zuhrah and Andy Mon

Steve West, Head of Academy, said:  “A huge well done to all our Year 11 students today on their excellent GCSE results.   

“A special mention goes to Andy. His teachers identified his talents early on in his time at the academy and he was stretched and challenged from the very start to ensure that his talents were fostered. He always goes the extra mile to ensure he succeeds in every area of his life.  

“Like all our students, we have no doubt that Andy will make his mark on the world and will use his impressive set of qualifications to make a difference to the world.” 

Wilmington Grammar School for Girls

Michelle Lawson, Head Teacher of Wilmington Grammar School for Girls is both proud and delighted with the achievements of the students in their GCSE’s. 

She said: "The students at the school have managed the challenges of remote learning, adapted assessments and changed curriculum with the usual calm tenacity that we have come to expect from our students.

"We are delighted that 57% of grades were at grade 7 and above and 95% of students achieved the Ebacc, which has included some excellent performances in our first GCSE mandarin results.

"Particularly impressive performances have been achieved by Ruslana Mudra and Jessica Nicholls with 9 grades at grade 9.

"Whilst, Holly Brookes, Katie Nash and Megan Washington all achieved all of their grades at grade 9 and 8. 

"Whilst these are exceptional performances every student deserves congratulations for all that they have achieved.

“Above all else the students have demonstrated a real sense of community and shared purpose which ensured they all had the support not only of their teachers but of their fellow students.

"We are looking forward to welcoming the students back to WG6 for the start of their Sixth Form, following some outstanding work during the final term in preparation for their A levels. 

"Today is a day to celebrate with our students and we wish them every success for their next steps.”

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

Charlie Guthrie, Head Teacher at Wilmington Grammar School for Boys is delighted with the outcomes for students at GCSE level.

He said: "Throughout the pandemic, students have shown commitment and resilience.

"Collectively and individually they have remained focussed throughout the disruption, adapting to in class and online teaching as well as operating in bubbles without the usual access to practical activities that would normally have happened.

"Our teachers have acted with diligence and integrity under extraordinary circumstances to provide our students with grades that are as accurate as possible.

"As such, it is only fair that today we focus on celebrating the much-deserved success of our students who are now well placed to progress to the next stage of their education.

"In the vast majority of cases this means that they will be returning to WG6, our 6th form that is shared with Wilmington Grammar School for Girls.

"Although we are proud of the achievements of all of our students, special mention should go to:

James Pilling and Owen Hunter both achieved an exceptional ten Grade 9’s. 

"David Ruston and Sameen Haque achieved nine Grade 9’s and one Grade 8 each, whilst Jake Anthony and Finn Lewis achieved eight Grade 9’s and two Grade 8’s.

"Exceptional achievements by an exceptional group of aspirational young men all of whom are intending to join WG6 to study their A level programmes."

Bonus Pastor Catholic College

Bonus Pastor Catholic College reported some fantastic individual successes. For example:

Maia Wierczerzycki- 7 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s

Fabio Bongiovanni- 3 grade 9s and 6 grade 8s

Ebony McPherson- 5 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s, 2 grade 7s and 1 grade 6

Justin Onongaya- 4 grade 9s and 6 grade 8s

Francis Iwu- 4 grade 9s and 5 grade 8s

Natalia Sokolowska- 4 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s, 3 grade 7s and 1 grade 6

The following students made exceptional progress in their results:

Tilly Booth-Farmer, Tye Stanislas, Stephanie Danso, Philip Kmiecik, Nicolas Garcia Valencia, Janelle Tedam, Hannah Blackman and Precious Nwaru

The college’s principal Mr Ronan said: “We are immensely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after such a difficult and disrupted year.

"Our teachers and staff have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress onto further education and study, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future and we will hear of their success stories through our active alumni. Well done to the class of 2021.”

This Is Local London:

The John Roan School

There were a number of students celebrating particular successes, including:

  • Daniel Kennett-Brown, who was awarded nine Grade 9s and one Grade 8;
  • Aedan Bullen, who was awarded eight Grade 9s and two Grade 8s;
  • Abya Nouar, who was awarded four Grade 9s, four Grade 8s and two Grade 7s;
  • Hamish Stewart, who was awarded three Grade 9s, four Grade 8s, one Grade 7 and a Grade 5;
  • Lydia Shoben, who was awarded four Grade 9,s, three Grade 8s and one Grade 7;
  • Nadya Dawson, who was awarded three Grade 9s, three Grade 8s, two Grade 7s and two Grade 6s.


Cath Smith, executive headteacher at The John Roan School, said: I would like to congratulate each of our students who are celebrating today.

"Their hard work and dedication have been exemplary over the past 18 months, where they have risen to the challenges that Covid-19 has presented us all with but has not let that distract from their learning and studying for their GCSEs.

“It is always pleasing to see students celebrate their achievements and whilst this year is different to normal years today’s grades are as important and relevant to these students’ lives and to their hard work as ever.

"We are very proud of our 2021 cohort and we look forward to welcoming so many of them back to their new bespoke Sixth Form Centre in September.”

Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley

The following students were particularly successful:   

  • Hamda Yusuf achieved 8 level 9 grades Biology, Chemistry and Maths for her A Levels 
  • Madiha Payman achieved 8 level 9 grades and will be studying Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Further Maths for her A Levels. 
  • Sophie Cleaves achieved 8 level 9 grades and will be studying Maths, History and Politics for her A Levels 
  • Lanya Ali achieved 8 Level 9 grades and will be studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths for her A Levels 

Mr Samuel Rigby, principal of Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley, said: “The grades achieved reflect the hard work of students at the academy, not just over the past couple of years but throughout their time at school.  

“The year group stayed motivated and engaged throughout the national lockdowns that took place over the course of the pandemic, attending a full schedule of live online lessons. When schools were allowed to return, they grasped every opportunity to make up for the lost time in face-to-face teaching.  

“Many Year 11s stayed late after school to work in the library or attend catch-up classes and they also gave up their time during the holidays to attend our summer school. I must also thank families, and of course all staff at the academy, for their phenomenal support, hard work and enthusiasm over a remarkably difficult two-years in education. 

“We are thrilled that the majority of our Year 11 students have decided to continue their studies with us  and also with the brilliant university destinations our Year 13 students are moving onto, including Warwick, Leeds and UCL, to name a few.  We wish all of our students the best of luck in their next steps.” 

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