FIFA is a world-renowned football game, and it is by far the most recognised and successful one out there.

The very first version of the FIFA we all know, and love, was called FIFA International Soccer. it was released in 1993. The game was a 16-bit one going along with the times. The game itself only featured the national teams and did not even have real players names. A bug in the game allowed people to stand in front of goal and shoot scoring on the rebound of the keeper. This clearly shows a lack in good programming but was normal for the time. Next came FIFA 95. It was very similar to the previous game and only had a few minor upgrades. On the other hand it was the first FIFA to have clubs teams within 8 national leagues consisting of Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, and the United States. Next was FIFA 96, this was the first game to have real time in game 3d graphics, so it was very revolutionary. It was also the first have real player names and positions. It also included transfers ranking and team customisation tools.


First released on 5th November 2002 FIFA 2003 had revamped graphics and the players looked more realistic. One of the biggest and most anticipated changes done to FIFA 2003 was the addition of the freestyle mode. FIFA 06 had received a bog overhaul meaning the feel of the game was just so much better than before. This meant that the players had much more control of play. It also included the team chemistry, a feature that shows the compatibility of different players with each other. FIFA 11 was released on October 1st in 2010 in Europe. It allowed people to control and play as the goalkeeper for the first time. It had a better passing system and the players looked more realistic. With the addition of a new mode called career mode where players can be the manager of a club. When FIFA 14 was released, it was available on the new ps4 and xbox1. The game itself used a new engine called ignite meaning you could change the weather and had smarter AI to make AI better and closer to human like play style. It also included signature celebrations such as Cristinao Ronaldo’s SI. FIFA 17 was the first to introduce a story mode that featured fictional footballer Alex Hunter in "The Journey".